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Seduced in the Dark

C.J. Roberts

It Ends With Us

December 07, 2016

This is the type of story that could happen to anyone. Me. You. A friend. A friend of a friend. 

Rose Petal Graves

October 10, 2016

Although I really enjoyed the writing because it was very enchanting, the story felt too rushed. The main character almost seems too accepting of the way in which her world crumbles. It felt a little unrealistic and choppy which became a problem in trying to connect.

Glass Sword

August 09, 2016

Going into this book, I felt like a starving child that hasn't eaten in days! I needed to know what was going to happen to Cal and most definitely, Maven. 


July 08, 2016

This book was so intense! The descriptive writing made me visualize and feel everything while still being easy to follow. I've come to discover that I have a fetish for dark books where the characters are beyond broken and disturbed, but can still find love despite of the disaster they call life.


June 22, 2016

This book reeled me in from the start. The dimensions of the writing made everything so damn addicting. I needed to know what was going to all the time. It's something beautiful and somewhat disturbing when a book can literally take over your thoughts to make you want more. 

Dangerous Lies

June 20, 2016

When I came across this book and saw who the author was, immediately I had to have it. Being a fan of her previous work with the Hush Hush Series I didn't really read the synopsis. My eyes saw Becca Fitzpatrick and my mind went YUP!


June 04, 2016

Literally within the first five chapters, my head would not stop shaking from left to right with how baffled I was from the events that unfolded. Sure enough, it just kept getting worse as the chapters went on.


May 24, 2016

This book told such a magical and tragic story, blending the past with the present in such a way that actually makes you think..., is this real?

Nature of the Beast

May 02, 2016

Let it be known that I'm a sucker - hahaha no pun intended - for vampires. Always have been since I was a snotty nose kid, so off the bat my interest and excitement is already in full bloom.

Red Queen

April 05, 2016

The kinda book that makes you go "OOOOOhhhhh snap!"

Daughter of the House

March 23, 2016

It starts in 1910 when she is eleven years old and takes us with her through her adulthood to 1930.

The Affair

October 02, 2015

Nothing like a spicy book to curb my appetite.


Someplace Else

October 06, 2015

Have you ever thought there was more to this world than what is perceived? This paranormal tale beautifully describes a realm that is unseen to the living.

Even When You Lie To Me

September 09, 2015

I picked up this book because I thought the premise was juicy and that it would be this hot, scandalous read. Within the first seven pages I knew that my previous assumptions were completely false and that this book was going to be deep. Like, ocean deep. *sighs* 

The V Girl

August 28, 2015

This book was so many things, very rarely do I find myself reading dystopian novels but the premise of this piqued my curiosity.


July 22, 2015

Holy crap! I marathoned the hell out this book! I haven't buzzed through something this fast in a long time. What can I say? I was obsessed. 










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