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As separated fathers of colour, we use creative expression to better ourselves and inspire others.

Through our art, we want to foster dialogue and provide community for fathers who are trying to be responsible role models to their kids. It's our goal to be a community of practice; working on our own deficiencies while providing an avenue of hope so that we can coexist in harmony.




Debating Dads Podcast.

Three separated dads of colour. Too many hot takes. One unique conversation.


A brand of dad-hood.

This represents the mentality of what the modern father should be. Own your responsibilities in life and rock gear that looks fly at the same time. A brand of brothers, a badge, a uniform. BroLit Fits coming 2021

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meet the team

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Growing up in a low income Scarborough household with a single mother and absent father, taught Josh early on to take care of himself. All that changed when he became a father in his twenties. His Jamaican Cuban background came with many struggles that he knew would be amplified for his mixed raced children. His main concern then became to do right by them and he's built a successful career working within the tele-communications industry. Although he's still trying to navigate the world of coparenting and the baggage it involves, Josh tries his best to figure it out whilst sorting through his own personal complex with his father. Within the team, Josh is known as the jokester, but don't let that fool you. He provides a grounding voice and is unafraid to confront uncomfortable truths in hopes to shed light and begin open dialogues.    

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38 and a divorced Canadian-Muslim father of three, each day is about learning and teaching. Nadir has found a community of brothers in Josh and Quincy, who helped him rebuild his identity during the hardest period of his life. A multi-faith educator turned anime creator; Nadir’s forte is remixing ideas into his life to create something new. Within himself and his brothers, he sees the possibility of a movement of mature men who have mastered themselves. In the group, Nadir has settled into the role of moderator and keeps the guys in check and on track of the goals they've set out to achieve.

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A Guyanese native that was raised in the Netherlands and came to reside in Canada in his late teens, Quincy pursued and maintained a career as a red seal automotive technician. As father of of two from different women, his children inspire and drive him to be the best he can be in life.  Within the group, Quincy's perfectionism and passion to express his creativity has shined as he's used it to build the brand as the creator of the Brolit logo. His goal is to effectively articulate the life lessons he had to learn the hard way by being the voice of reason amongst the team.

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With over fifteen years experience within the advertising and graphics industry, Mich works behind the scenes as the resident designer to the team. When she's not creating graphics for the boys, she helps to provide a woman's perspective on various situations to balance the scales and give the boys a softer view on scenarios that would otherwise be mansplained. 

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