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Angel isn't quite your average sixteen year old. Sure she loves gossiping about hot guys with her best friend Julie and making sure she's following the latest fashion trends, but she's a simple girl, more of an introvert if you will. Her perfect day involves a huge bowl of popcorn, the couch, sweat pants and marathons of all her favourite shows. She's popular enough at school, but keeps her cirlce small. She has her best friend and the most amazing parents, even though they could ease up with the over-protection, which in her opinion is really all she needs.  She avoids parties and crowds at all costs, they're just not her style.

She's caring, loving and smart but also very shy. But don't under estimate her. She has no problem speaking her mind and putting her black belt in karate to use if she needs to.

Goals? Well...she hasn't really thought about that much. She's just trying to get through high school. Although, she hasn't quite been herself as of late. It may very well have a lot to do with the arrival of the new hottest guy in school. Zander.



Who is Zander Black? He's been described as an extremely gifted individual in academics, fluent in five languages, an expert in geography, history and the arts, and undeniably charming. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. To him, it seems as though girls have been swooning over him forever that he barely seems to notice anymore. He's too focused on other things and has no time for distractions. Anything that would take him away from what he feels is his purpose, is not worth his time or effort.

That is, until he meets Angel. She seems to be all he can think about and it's driving him insane. He knows what he has to do but finds himself stalling. Why?


Could it be that he's not the person he thinks he is?



Outgoing, funny, dramatic, a socialite and overly excited about life are words that Angel would use to describe her best friend Julie. She needs to be  in the know about anything and everything, and prides herself in her ability to give the best makeovers ever. She's always got something handy in her purse to deal with any beauty emergency as there is no way she would ever allow herself or Angel to be seen by a potential suitor with a hair out of place, or dark circles under their eyes.

Despite having a hard time keeping secrets, she's a loyal friend and does her best to get Angel out of her comfort zone. Especially when it comes to guys.



As a member of the heavenly council and trusted advisor to the king and queen of Uforkia, Coral is highly respected and known throughout the galaxies as the peacekeeper. Cherubs are known for their unyielding loyalty and the powers that reside within their wings. They can produce healing remedies, portals and other forms of magic for protection. Coral resides on Uforika, and would do anything to protect not only its monarchy, but it’s residence as she considers the Oleah society family.

She loves to play and laugh, but don’t let her appearance fool you, she’s one of the most powerful cherubs in all of the galaxies and has been granted access to planets only she form portals to.



From as far back as she can remember, Sindrell has always felt that she deserved more. More attention, more praises and more power. As an angel, she was constantly dabbling in elixirs and potions, even when they became forbidden. Judgement from the other angels for her lack of humility made her form a deeper bond with her only brother, Satan. He was the only one who understood her. The only one who never judged or frown down at her.

When he was cast out of Heaven, the thought of being left behind sickened her, so she made a choice to leave. The moment she was free from rules and watchful eyes she dove into the darkness that seduced her. It consumed her completely,  compelling her to test her limits when it came to potions, spells and power. The darkness transformed her, mutilating her into the creature she's become - a true vision of death and absolute beaty.

 As her confidence and capabilities grew, so did her greed. She wants it all and will stop at nothing to get what she deserves.

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