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There's nothing like feeling the warm fuzzies a great book can bring! This page is all about
sharing and reviewing great reads!

Ratings & Policy

If you would like to have your book reviewed, send us an email (See contact us page)
with the subject title: Review Request. Please attach your synopsis. If your book is chosen you will be asked to submit it in the following formats: • PDF • epub or actual physical copies of the book


Preferences: Paranormal • Romance • Thriller • Horror • YA • Sci-fi • Fiction • Adult

Ratings:   1 STAR: Not my cup of tea, would not recommend.

                2 STARS: It was ok.

                3 STARS: I liked it!

                4 STARS: I really liked it a lot!

                5 STARS: Absolutely loved it!


By submitting your book for review you are permitting the review to be posted on this website and all of our social media channels. An email notification will be sent out once your review is posted. Reviews will not be sent back to "see first" prior to uploading on site. The intention is not to shoot down books, but to provide fair constructive critisicm in a positive manner.


For your review to be the best it can be, please provide cover artwork, and website so that your book can be properly promoted.


Looking forward to great reads! 

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