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We're live!

I'm thrilled to finally be able to introduce all of you to Oleah Chronicles!

It seems like forever ago that I sat down and began to write a story that I had absolutely no intention of taking seriously. It started out as something to do, based on an idea that was brewing in my mind, until it took on a life of its own. Time would slip away and yet still, I would find myself re-visiting this story. Becoming more and more aware of the need inside me that continued to grow stronger each time to see it to completion.

This journey has been one that has opened my eyes to the endless possibilites that can be achieved once you set your mind to something. You'd be surprised where creativity can take you once you become open to notion of freeing yourself from doubt.

With that I say, never stop reaching outside of your comfort zone. That is of course, where all the magic happens.

Oleah Chronicles: Truth is now available online as an e-book. Order your copy today and join Angel on her journey to find truth.

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