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Chronicles of a bibliophile

Growing up, I always had a love for books. The way each story could magically take me away to a new world was something I continuously craved. Especially being the weirdo that I was – excuse me, that I still am - with my obsession for vampires and paranormal things, reading made my world of fantasy, a reality. In fact, if it had not been for my love of reading I would never have pursued becoming an author.

A creative mind must be handled with care. I’ve come to learn over the years that if I expect my imagination to preform at it’s very best it must be nurtured. Reading has always been my primary source of sustenance to refuel my creativity when it’s hungry for more. Entering into these worlds created by authors and their overactive imaginations, not only inspires me, but also constantly teaches me new things. It’s been proven in studies that reading has many benefits like expanding one’s vocabulary, reducing stress and giving readers stronger analytical thinking skills. That being said, reading has become just as important and crucial to my daily routine as an author.

Many authors can surely attest to the fact that as wonderful as writing may be, it has the potential to completely drain you emotionally and mentally. Some scenes require so much emotion and concentration that when completed, not only are you a basket case, but you’re mind is so drained it’s a miracle you can manage to remember your own name. I have found that the best way for me to decompress after writing is to read! It allows me to shut everything off and just escape, while still giving my mind the stimulation it needs to reboot and preform at its best the following day.

Since I’ve rekindled my love of reading and have made it a daily priority, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my writing. Ideas seem to form more quickly and words have begun to fill the page effortlessly and organically. By exposing myself to different writing styles, I’m also learning different methods authors are using to engage readers with plot twists, character development and how to effectively pace a story. Not to mention, it serves as a great form of research to know what books are popular amongst my target audience and see for myself what makes them so engaging.

Therefore, I challenge all aspiring authors, writers and poets out there to find time alongside writing, to read. Immerse yourself within the pages of a book and experience the effect you wish to give your readers.

It makes a difference.

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