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Reality Bites

​Once upon a time, you had an idea. An idea so big and so great that the thought of keeping it to yourself seemed like blasphemy, so you made a decision to share it with the world. You spent months planning, writing and perfecting and then moved on to doubting, questioning and revising. This idea took over your life. It became your world and a part of your daily routine until one random, insignificant day your mind gets blown when it finally registers that there’s nothing left to do.

Excitement hits then, and revitalizes you with a new purpose and drive to get out there and share your story with everyone and anyone that will listen. So off you go, spreading the news like wildfire day in and day out, running as fast as you can using your excitement - that’s still fresh - to give you the momentum you need to keep going. Friends and family tell you how proud they are of you and vow to also spread word to keep the fires blazing! Bloggers and reviewers are responding to your requests like crazy and posting amazing reviews! Sales are coming in daily and your emails are being filled with praises from new fans! Everything you ever hoped for is coming into fruition and your dream has become an actuality…until one day, the universe decides to serve you up a healthy and hearty dose of reality.

Family and friends start to lose interest and figure you’ve got a good grip on things, so they stop reposting and referring. Bloggers and reviewers become too busy and start putting your book on the back burner. Sales come to halt and slowly your high withers. Your fire starts to dim and panic begins brewing inside you at the thought of failure so you push harder. Which works for a while until you start getting hit with negative reviews, and just like that…your fire dulls into embers.

You ask yourself, what happened? Where did I go wrong?

To pursue a career in writing, you must fully wrap your head around the fact that things take time. Of course everything is rainbows and unicorns when you start just like anything else in this world. It’s new, fresh and exciting! The moment the adrenaline wears off you are left to run on fumes, which can only take you so far.

So what now? How do you get the kindling you so desperately crave to reignite your flames?

First, you must exhale. Once that long exasperated, stress-filled breath leaves your lungs you can now focus on what’s needed to get back on track; The winning formula.

Consistency: Take the time to map out a schedule that you can follow when it comes to blogging, writing and social media. Make your presence known on a consistent basis to stay relevant. Research the best times you can reach your audience and topics to keep them engaged.

Motivation: Understand that this is a business, and businesses need investments to grow. In order for you to grow as a writer you must keep yourself motivated. The best way you can do this is to join writing groups or attend seminars. There’s a certain power in being around other creative brains that can inspire, and recharge.

Network: Never stop putting yourself out there. Look into becoming a guest blogger on other websites or reviewing other authors; it’s about reaching the masses and keeping your presence known.

Once you start applying this formula, you’ll get back into a steady groove and learn to pace yourself for the long, windy road ahead.

Your fires will be roaring again in no time. Don’t give up.

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