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Join our December Instagram Challenge!

Join us in our first ever Instagram photo challenge for the month of December!

Completion of the entire month (or a majority of the month) will get your instagram page featured on our own and automatically enter you into a draw to be the FIRST to win a FREE copy of our second book Oleah Chronicles: Justice!

Here's what's in store! Every day for the entire month of December you must post the photo of the day along with the #oleahchallenge so we know who is participating. Everyone who completes will get a feature on our instagram page, but only one winner will be selected in a random draw to win a copy of Justice.


• Must be following us on Instagram (@oleahchronicles)

• Cannot double up posts for missed days

December 1st: Book & cookies

December 2nd: Book & cherub/angel (can be a figurine, drawing or painting)

December 3rd: Book and tree (xmas tree preferred, but can be any tree)

December 4th: Book and ornament

December 5th: Book and socks

December 6th: Book and festive lights

December 7th: Book and breakfast

December 8th: Red and green book

December 9th: Book and cat (can be an image or stuffed animal)

December 10th: Outdoor reading shot

December 11th: Book and gift

December 12th: Candy cane and book

December 13th: Write out fav quote from Oleah Chronicles

December 14th: Write a character name from Oleah Chronicles beside a santa hat

December 15th: Book and festive mug

December 16th: Open book and scarf

December 17th: Book and wreath

December 18th: Book and festive sweater

December 19th: Open book and red or green nailpolish

December 20th: Book and festive movie

December 21st: Book and boots

December 22nd: Open book and red lipstick

December 23rd: Book and skates

December 24th: Book and wishlist

December 25th: Book and family

December 26th: Open book and decorative pillows

December 27th: Glasses and open book

December 28th: Book and coffee, tea or cake

December 29th: Book pile

December 30th: Indoor reading shot

December 31st: Book and New Years resolution.

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