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2015: The year shit got real

It seems like the older I get, the more the term “time flies” holds much more truth than I had ever thought possible.

A little over seven months ago I released Oleah Chronicles: Truth to the public, and it feels like I literally blinked and now the year is coming to an end. The feelings that plagued and overwhelmed me are still fresh in my memory of the day I made the choice to become an author. I remember staring at my computer screen trying my best not to have an anxiety attack as I looked at the tiny button that held the words that would forever change my life. Publish. It seems crazy the amount of power that button held as it confronted me head on, urging me forward to face my fears and set out on my journey to a destination unknown. Time and time again I allowed my insecurities to get the best of me with all the reasons, excuses and lies of why I couldn’t do this.

Nobody will read it

You’ll embarrass yourself

It’s not good enough

I need more time

I’m not ready

It was clear that in order to permanently eradicate the polluted thoughts that continued to manifest in my mind, I needed an intervention. May 25th, 2015 was the day I changed my world for the better with the simple click of that button.

Since that fine day, determination has evicted my fear and replaced it with a drive to be seen. With every bone in my body, I did my absolute best to get Oleah Chronicles within the hands of as many readers I could. I sent out countless emails requesting reviews to bloggers, shipped out book after book to every country my wallet could manage and plastered myself online and social media. The result has led me to experience a satisfaction so pure it could almost be euphoric.

Once the reviews finally started coming in, I used them to grow as an author and learn the missing formula to elements of my writing that needed improvement. Taking the time to read and digest every review – yes, even the awful ones – proved to me that yes, I can do this, people will read it and I am good enough. Sure the negative reviews stung, but instead of crippling me as I previously thought they would, they fuelled me to push forward.

Throughout this year, I’ve joined an excellent writing group full of talented authors that have helped me to hone in my craft, networked my butt off, gained many followers on social media, and gotten wonderful feedback from my readers, and dare I say, fans. All while continuing to work a full time job and write the sequel to Truth, called Justice.

2015 has been a thrilling start to the long distance run I have before me. To every single person that took the time to read and even review my book, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped to cure the addiction I had with my insecurities and have made me believe in myself again.

Cheers to you all and I can’t wait to share what’s to come for 2016!

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