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Top 5 Book Boyfriends

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the only day dedicated to love - and perhaps even lust - than to count down my top five favourite book boyfriends!

Oh-my-god, Oh-my-god, Oh-my-god, Oh-my-god, Oh-my-god, are you guys ready for this!

5. Edward Cullen - Twilight

Oh Edward, how I heart you. Discovering Mr. Cullen when I was in my late teens set the bar high for qualities that every man should have. He's romantic, sweet, loyal, giving, selfless, gorgeous and rich! Our relationship was one that kept me up late just to get in one more chapter so and have more time with my beloved. For that, he'll always have a tender spot in my heart.

4. Patch Capriano- Hush, Hush

Patch was that guy that you knew was bad but couldn't stay away from. Like dust to a magnet, I was drawn to his mysterious darkness and rooted for him to come to the light. He's unapologetic, hot and will get his hands dirty without blinking an eye. This bad-ass fallen angel can take over my dreams any day.

3. Gideon Cross- Crossfire Series

Lord have mercy, Gideon Cross made me squeal like a little girl. Whenever I got to experience Mr. Cross I had to prepare and pour myself a very large glass of wine. He was so intense, so powerful, and so very sexy! His tormented past made you want to protectively hold him close to you, while his

aggresive sexual appetite made you want to get on your knees and submit!

2. Bones- Night Huntress Series

This master vampire had so much swag that was too hard to resist! His accent along with his cockiness, no-nonsense attitude and possessive nature made me fall hard. He always meant what he said, daring anyone to call his bluff and quite frankly, it made him that much hotter! Bones will forever be my imaginary love affair.

1. Zander- Oleah Chronicles

Common' obviously I couldn't list my top book boyfriends without including my own! Zander was such a thrill to write. I wanted to craft him with a combination of all my favourite traits from everyone in this list. He's smooth, mysterious and intense with a deadly past that makes you question him while not being able to stay away at the same time. Regardless of his predatory essence, he's lead by his heart, making him my number one beautiful disaster.

Well, there you have it! Who are your top five?

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