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Help Pick The Cover For Justice!

Being not only the author for this series, but also the graphic designer comes with it's challenges.

I consider myself a very visual person - if I have an idea for something it must be exectuted the same way I saw it in my head for me to be fully satisfied with the end result. Problem with that is elements tend to always throw a wrench in my creative wheel.

I knew exactly the look and tone I wanted to go for on this cover and shot the images accordingly - which resulted in too many looks that I fell in love with. At that point, I knew that this process was going to be tough.

Many of the images I loved simply didn't work or fit well on the cover, which automatically narrowed down my options. Once I determined the final images I could use, things became more simple in terms of taking them from point A to point B.

After many hours spent tweaking and shifting, I was fianlly done and extremely pleased with the result...until I realized I had fallen too hard for both covers. Oops! Usually after creating a couple options, there's always one that stands out more to me - making it easy to choose - but this time around I just couldn't.

Which leads us here. The support and feedback I've gotten from Oleah Chronicles: Truth has been awesome, and I would be so honored to have all of you help me pick the cover for Oleah Chronicles: Justice.

Since Justice is much darker than Truth, I wanted that to be potrayed on the cover. Angel's pain is what drives her forward in Justice, fuelling her with the strength she needs to face her fears and go head to head with Sindrell.

Without further adieu, let's get the voting started!

Click here to see the covers and cast your vote!

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