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How to get your hands on FREE Paperbacks this summer!

Want to get your hands on our paperbacks this summer for free? Well, there are a few things you can do to get yourself some bookmail courtesy of Oleah Chronicles.

1. Write a Review.

Download the ebook of Truth or Justice, write a review on Goodreads or Amazon (or both) and we'll ship you out a signed copy of the paperback version of the book you reviewed.

2. Participate in our July Instagram Challenge.

Keep watch for our challenge that will be posted near the end of June. If you participate throughout the entire challenge, we'll send you a free paperback!

3. Take a Selfie.

Do you already own a paperback of Truth? Take a selfie with it, tag us, tell us where you're from and we'll send you a paperback copy of the sequel Justice.

4. Join our mailing list.

By joining our mailing list, you will automatically be entered into any giveaway we do and could have a chance to win.


* Please note that you can only participate in one of the above to receive a free paperback.

Should you wish to participate in the July instagram challenge, paperbacks will be shipped after the challenge is complete.

If you have previously posted a review - within the last year or up to this date, you will not qualify for receiving a paperback. Paperbacks will only be given out if review is posted to Amazon or Goodreads (or both)

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