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Emotions Every Author Has Experienced

There are a slew of emotions an author can go through on a daily - or sometimes hourly - basis.

Keeping the creative juices flowing is a task that must be mastered - and even still, those that have will continue to have what I like to call 'moments'.

Let's take a look at how it all goes down, shall we?

At first, your brain is so full with ideas, the words can't stop flowing majestically out of you. You're a damn genius!

When your mind starts to slow and the momentum you so gallantly sprinted off with starts to dwindle, instead of becoming discouraged, you decide a change of scenery will be sure to inspire.

Then, on a random, uneventful day you go to sit and write but..., all you manage to do is stare at the screen. WTF! Brain, have you gone on vacation? Think you could've given me a heads up or something?

As hours roll into days, and days roll into weeks that slimy, sinister feeling of doubt starts to creep in to murder your hopes and dreams. Maybe you're not cut out for this writing stuff? It's freakin' hard dammit!

Regardless of the dream killers that follow your every move, you push through. You've already gotten this far, why stop now! The decision is made to take a break and casually read through what you've put together so far so that you can become motivated once again to continue.

It sounded like such a good idea didn't it? Until anger hits you like a tidal wave straight out of the underbellies of hell itself. What is this crap!

After you've finally gotten your shit back together, calm takes over. It's only the first draft. All first drafts are awful! With tweaking and proper editing this story of yours will once again be the masterpiece you envisioned it to be.

Low and behold after you receive back the final edits, your manuscript has become such an alluring thing of beauty you can't help but overflow with pride and emotion.

Getting the first copy of your final printed book in your hands, a smug smile pulls up your lips. This story is so damn golden..., You. Are. Gonna. Be. Rich!

But then sales bring you back down to reality.

And you wouldn't trade a single part of any of this for the world.

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