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New for 2017!

I know we're all tired of hearing the whole "New Year, New Me" bullshit..., but I'm seriously determined to make this year the best one yet!

Got a lot of things coming up, like the release of the third and final book within the series! Unfortunately, no release date has been yet determined as I want to make sure Angel goes out with a bang!

It has to be right, and right can't be rushed.

Apart from the new release, there will be some changes to the website that will include a lot more interaction with all of you and hopefully, some great reads!

It is with pleasure that I introduce you all to the new weekly posts!

Permanent Stain Mondays

Every Monday, I'll be sharing my favourite scenes from both Truth and Justice that have left permanent stains on my heart! Could I be any more cheezy? Why yes, yes I could be. With every post, I'll share why each scene left such a impression. Maybe one of them will be your favourite too?

Dear Diary Wednesdays

Here, I'll be sharing what's on my mind. I want to take you all on this journey with me so you know, how the third book is coming along, my frustrations, my hopes, dreams, and just what the hell I'm up to! It's about connecting, and I definitely want to connect with all of you.

Read it Fridays

I love to read just as much as I love to write! I also love supporting my fellow authors, so every Friday, I'll be sharing books that I recommend everyone and anyone should read! Mind you..., a lot of my tastes are on the darker side, so there will be a disclaimer on who I feel my book suggestions would best suit!

I'm super excited to get these weekly blogs going, stay tuned!!

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