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Read It Friday!

YAAAY!! It's our first ever Read It Friday!

As promised, every Friday I'll be giving book recommendations of reads that are in my opinion definitely worth checking out!

First up - cue in drumroll please! - Even When You Lie To Me by Jessica Alcott

Recommended for: Everyone.

This is one read that spoke to me on levels deeper than I bargained for.

I picked up this book because I thought the premise was juicy and that it would be this hot, scandalous read. Within the first seven pages I knew that my previous assumptions were completely false and that this book was going to be deep. Like, ocean deep. *sighs*

In the book, we meet seventeen year old, Charlie (Charlotte) who is completely insecure in her own skin, and for good reason. She's the ghost. The girl that no one notices, the introvert, the keep your head down so you don't have to witness first hand the look people get on their faces when they assess you, kinda girl. She thrives on living vicariously through her long time childhood best friend, Lila, who is popular, pretty and gets attention anywhere she goes. Sadly, if it weren't for Lila, Charlie wouldn't fit in, and she'd probably have bullies, who currently leave her be because, well...she's with Lila.

This story spoke to me on an intensely deep level, because I was her. I understood her struggles, her desire for attention and affection along with her obsessiveness. The author brought out such a truth in this story that moved me to tears, it was truly beautiful. As a teen I constantly struggled with anxiety and self worth, wanting attention but only to a certain extent because too much of it would scare me and make me want to revert back to my personal bubble. I haven't yet come across a book that has shown this level of rawness and vulnerability when it comes to being in the mind of the underdog. It depicted the day by day struggle and thoughts so perfectly, I constantly saw myself back then through Charlie and relived her embarrassment and tortured thoughts with her. It was deep for me man. DEEEEEEEEEEP.

If you're going in thinking that this will be a fast-paced, super exciting read it's not. It's something you gotta take in. Anyhoosie, if it sounds of interest, check it out!

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