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Permanent Stain Monday

I've been patiently waiting for today to roll around so that I can share this scene! It's one of my absolute favourites from the first book Truth.

The Bathroom Scene.

To me, writing this scene was a very detrimental moment for Zander and Angel. Leading up to this point in the book, Angel has been constantly tormented with the visions and sensations that she's been having and it has finally come to its boiling point. As her body literally starts shutting down, she realizes that she's not alone in the bathroom and that the man from her nightmares is standing right over her. Zander.

Let's take a look!

So what makes this scene so detrimental? Well, if you've already read Justice, you know that this moment changes everything for Zander. If you haven't read it yet..., What are you waiting for!

For Angel, being comforted in this moment is what begins the bind she has to Zander. As much as she feels she cannot trust him and should fear him, her heart and instincts tell her otherwise.

What are your thoughts towards this scene?

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