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Read It Friday!

Welcome back to another edition of Read It Friday!

This weeks feature is - Inception (The Marked Book 1) by Bianca Scardoni

Recommended for: Everyone.

This is one read that spoke to me on levels deeper than I bargained for.

This book reeled me in from the start. The dimensions of the writing made everything so damn addicting. I needed to know what was going to all the time. It's something beautiful and somewhat disturbing when a book can literally take over your thoughts to make you want more. It's almost like I developed this rocking twitch anytime I was away from the story. It plagued my thoughts!

Jemma was a character that I absolutely loved. Her pain, irritations, insecurities and attractions were written out so beautifully you would swear I was feeling everything she was.

There's this gnawing twist that happens in the pit of your stomach when you're reading something and you KNOW everyone is keeping secrets from the main character. You want to scream out of frustration because you too are dying to know what the hell is going on but you're kept in the dark, having to wait - with the main character - for the truth to unravel itself.

GAHHH! So frustrating, but so good!

I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense and build up this read brought to it, and would most definitely recommend to everyone! If you are a lover of paranormal reads - like myself - this one needs a spot in your to-be-read pile!

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