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Read It Friday!

Welcome back to another edition of Read It Friday!

This weeks feature is - The King Series by T.M. Frazier

Recommended for: Dark Romance Lovers. This book has abuse and very graphic scenes.

Let me begin by telling you that I marathoned the hell out this series! I was obsessed. I feel like all the absolutely amazing reads I've had, have caught me off guard. Which is exactly what happened with this. This series completely took my emotions, played with them, continued to kick them around for a bit, before violently smashing them back down. It was dark, heart wrenching, sickening at times and powerful.

King is an asshole. He knows it. We know it. He's aggressive, controlling, violent, the biggest ever, seriously f$&ked up but my god do I love him! What is it about the bad boys? Gets me every single time. Doe aka Ramie, aka Pup has been to hell and back. The things she had to endure during this story is enough to make anyone tear up.

Frazier nailed this! Her writing takes you there, living within each moment as if you were a fly on the wall watching it all go down.

I would recommend this to everyone and anyone that would be open to take a ride to the dark side. Nothing about it is pretty. It's uncensored and raw. This is one series that has hands down become one of my favs!

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