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What's In A Name?

This year is a big one for me. I'm determined to finish and release the final instalment of The Oleah Chronicles Series. Naturally, anytime you try to achieve something spectacular, obstacles seem to magically find you out of nowhere just to make life that much harder - so you can fully appreciate your success once it arrives, of course.

A primary trial that has kept my mind working on overtime has been coming up with a name. It should be so simple, but this time around it's crazy, stupid hard.

Sure, some of you might be thinking... "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Ok, yes. Agreed. It's about the story. BUT..., the name sets the tone. The name draws readers in. The name BRANDS the story, so it's kinda a really big freakin' deal.

Truth was so easy. The whole story revolved around Angel finding her truth and discovering the consequences that came with it. Justice was also pretty straight forward for me. Angel needed to get justice for Julie, and that price burned a hole deep enough to consume that she had no choice but to accept.

This final chapter however has so many elements and layers to it that I can't decide. Without giving too much away, we all know this story has to have a conclusion that's final enough to end the series. That being said, three names keep bouncing around in my head, so I figured..., why torture myself when I have all of you to help me!

Yes, I need your help! Which of the three below do you think works best?

Click here to see the options!

As a thank you for your participation, I'm giving a very small sneak peek of a scene from the upcoming, final book.


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