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The Anxious Mind

When writing a story, the authors mind is set at constant high pace of thoughts, continuously flowing with new ideas, plots and twists. It is the machine that keeps creativity blooming, filling the author with purpose to unleash that energy on to the blank pages that stare back at them. The feeling alone brings with it a certain sense of euphoria and pride, knowing that the story keeps building, warping and growing into a life of its own.

Authors thrive in these moments when their minds work in perfect unison with the goals set before them. Exuding an abundance of gratitude for the gifts their minds bestow to make storytelling a breeze. If only everything could be that simple all the time.

It’s been two years and I’ve produced no work.

An unfortunate onslaught of circumstances changed my life, resulting in my mind solely producing thoughts of an extreme anxious nature. Anyone that suffers from anxiety knows just how difficult it can be to grab hold of these thoughts that swirl inside the mind with a fury as deadly as a level five hurricane. Sure, you can try various techniques to soothe and overcome, however I’ve found in my experience that with these solutions the calm is short lived.

Countless times I’ve found myself opening the pages to my story that waits patiently for me to feed it, yet all I can do is stare. Rereading previous pages over and over again in hopes to reconnect and reignite the engine that keeps the machine moving. On various occasions I managed to crank out a paragraph or two, or on really good days, a couple of pages. However, the story is still far from complete.

Finding myself within this cycle began to make me wonder, how can one calm the anxious mind whilst still asking it to thrive creatively? Asking an anxious mind to rest while pushing other parts of it to sprint seems like an unlikely request. One that definitely will not produce the quality of work you crave. Or, can it? When you break apart the anxious mind, you’ll come to find that yes, logically you can.

The mind is one of the most powerful forms of energy on this planet. Learning how to use it to your advantage is the trick at hand. Authors and writers already have an advantage, as their minds naturally pump life into the machine. Fact is that I’ve always had anxiety. It was not something that just appeared, it’s always been there, meaning I do have the ability to calm the anxious mind and convert that energy into story making magic.

It has taken a fair bit of time however I’ve finally reached an epiphany. I am the owner of my thoughts. I create them, therefore I can direct them. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. If I am exuding anxious thoughts, I will only attract more of them. Sure, many anxiety sufferers will say they can’t help it, nor do they want or ask to be this way. Statements that are all true, and hold valuable merit. This is why I ask you to break things down on a logical scale.

An anxious mind is not rational, nor does it speak truth. It takes a thought, adds fear and tricks your brain into thinking the resolution is no where in sight. Basically acting as an eclipse. Though the eclipse may darken, the sun still shines just as brightly as it did before behind it. The same logic applies.

Breaking down my anxious mind allows things to make sense again, clearing up mental blockages. If we can take care of our families, our bodies and our pets, we ought to start taking care of our minds. Saturate it with positive affirmations and believe it will manifest into the things you desire the most.

So I challenge any other author with an anxious mind to see the logic in your eclipse. You can’t get back lost time, but you can certainly look ahead and push your machine forward, full steam.

It’s been two years, and I WILL produce a finished book.

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