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Top 5 Book Clichés

Alright, it's true that originality in a story is important. An author constantly longs to thrill and wow their readers with mind blowing concepts and plot twists that will leave them experiencing the woe's of a book hangover for weeks. However, I must say that as much as I am all over that bandwagon, there is a part of me that craves the clichés. The amount of times I'm in the mood for a new book and end up picking up certain titles or genres because I know I'm guaranteed for good cliché, is more than just a handful. What can I say? There's something about them that readers can't get enough of. Same applies for movies or TV shows, sometimes we watch because we know what to expect and that's exactly what we want! If you deny any of this, you're clearly lying to yourself. All good. Deep down inside, you know the truth is sitting there tucked away in a back corner.

This weekend while perusing through Netflix and stumbling across one of my favourite movies (La La Land) it got me thinking about clichés, and what it is about them that I love so much. Hence the reason for this lovely list below where I'll be counting down my top five. Let's get started shall we?

1. Good girl falls for bad boy

Ugh guys! I know so many of you cringed just reading this, but seriously this is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures! The nerdy, average girl, is drawn to the jerky, arrogant, misunderstood bad boy. Naturally she tries to shut down her feelings, deeming them utterly preposterous. However, she can't help herself. She's intrigued and he doesn't even know she exists. Until something brings them together and they both soon come to feel the electricity between them. YES! YES! YAAAAAS!! Hate all you want folks, but here's transparency at its finest!

2. The doomed love

You know the ones. Two people, absolutely perfect (and I mean PERFECT) for each other in every sense of the word that can never be together due to circumstance. You know they are madly in love with each other. Hell, there have been several occasions where they almost kiss, get together or hook up, but it never goes down for whatever reason. Something about this constant tease, sucks me all the way in. I'm the one rooting in the background, dying a slow, agonizing death every time they almost make it, and proceeding to then cry out in frustration every time they don't. The struggle is real, and I'm here for it!

3. Cinderella story

Movies LOVE this one especially. The lead female is always the supporter of her family, or has been supporting herself her entire life. Struggling to get by, living paycheck to paycheck, hoping and praying that she'll finally catch a break. That's of course when the most gorgeous man she's ever seen rolls in, sparks fly and oh, would you look at that, he's rich! So he spoils her rotten and gives her the life she's always dreamed of. Ah yes, the fantasy. How I love it so.

4. Revenge

Listen, there's a certain captivation when a story has something so intensely tragic happen, that the entire life's purpose of the main character is to get revenge. Whether it's the mafia or criminals murdering their family, sexual abuse, or bullying, I love watching the character transform from victim to bad ass. You experienced their pain with them and want the sweetness of the revenge almost just as badly. The satisfaction of watching karma come back to do its dirty work, is one I will always sign up for.

5. Underdog becomes superstar

At some point in life, I feel we can all relate to the underdog. The nerds, ghosts, or "freaks" of society. All they want to do is fit in, yet all they end up doing is getting by without making many friends, and keeping their heads down. They know they have something special about them and one day, someone will see it. Maybe they sing, dance or play an instrument of some sort. Whatever their gift may be, it's exactly that. A gift. Setting them apart from the norm and eventually leading them towards success beyond all measures. Ugh, the feels!

Well, there we have it. What are your favourite book clichés?

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